Is it okay to use cracked plugins?

Cracking can cause stability problems and introduce errors. It does not receive support or updates, so it can stop working at almost any time if there is an update.

Is it okay to use cracked plugins?

Cracking can cause stability problems and introduce errors. It does not receive support or updates, so it can stop working at almost any time if there is an update. Personally, I love music and I don't need to be paid generously to do what I do. Making music is what I love and I want to help others do the same.

That's why I offer free Kontakt samples and a free mix pack on this blog. Maybe you've downloaded cracked add-ons, but you don't really understand what they are. In addition to being fined by large and small technology companies, there are other risks related to the use of cracked add-ons. This may result in funds stolen from your bank not being refunded.

Banks and other financial institutions cannot legally refund stolen money if your information was compromised due to software piracy. One of the long-term problems with decrypted software is that there is no technical support or updates available. If you are a Mac OS user, this means that even a minor update can cause your add-ons to not work. Don't fall into the trap of feeling like you need all the add-ons that have been developed.

Your music is unlikely to improve just because you have more VST. Talented music composers and producers can identify which sounds and production tools will help them achieve their goals. For example, acoustic producers shouldn't spend tons of money on self-tuning products like Melodyne. Notify me of new posts by email.

While I personally have no problem with using decrypted software for non-commercial purposes, if you are earning income from the work you produce with a software or add-on, at that point I think there is a moral imperative to support developers. If you're making money, they should too. When you start producing and recording music, you'll want to expand your VST libraries. Chances are you'll investigate which VSTS your favorite producers are using and then search for them.

Once you do, you will most likely be surprised and upset by the price of some of these libraries. Enter the world of decrypted VST plugins. The relatively small number of people using decrypted software is already largely in the extreme cost of the product. If you install cracked VSTS, it will not update them and they may not be compatible with your DAW at some point.

In fact, I guarantee that if it weren't for the cracked add-ons, developers would be making less money overall and would probably charge even more for their stuff because less of us are buying it. You put the world in a situation as if there were a decrypted add-on “, then everyone would come to use this free add-on”. And in fact, you can go ahead and call people who use cracked software thieves and, therefore, if you feel the need. It's not right, it's not right, but when they've broken through, they've returned those cracks ten times.

It is not necessarily the fault of those people that they have to use decrypted software to do what they do. If you don't have money and use decrypted add-ons, it could become a long-term goal to at least buy that add-on that you can't stay away from. There are many impoverished engineers, living in poverty and dying of hunger, 26 producers who depend on a broken complement to survive to confirm. If I could afford these programs, I would surely buy them; working with cracked crap is often a struggle.

Most plugin manufacturers would prefer you to use a decrypted version of their plugin than a paid version of their competitors. IT DOES NOT CREATE LOSSES FOR ANYONE IF SOMEONE WHO IS LEARNING AND DOESN'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR A PLUGIN USES A DECRYPTED COPY. His arguments and the principles he defends do not give him justification or right to use these add-ons that have been deciphered. .

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